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Suntory Matcha liqueur 300ml

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Those who like Matcha will truly love this liqueur! Only the best ingredients provide the special taste of this green tea liqueur, vanilla flavours complete the fun. On the rocks a total pleasure and an absolute trend in Japan!


Supreme Matcha, i.e. Matcha of the highest quality, is used for the production of this liqueur. This gives the liqueur its deep green, bright colour. The product is enriched with vanilla beans, which creates a wonderful balance between the bitter notes of matcha and the sweetness of vanilla. The addition of brandy completes the balanced taste. The manufacturer Suntory itself describes its liqueur as a "luxury drink for adults". The Matcha liqueur tastes best chilled or on the rocks. It is also ideal for mixing, for example with milk, with other spirits such as rum or whisky or in cocktails to pass on the deep green colour.

Matcha liqueur from Japan
Net content: 300 ml
Alc.: 14% vol