LKK Seasoned Soy for Seafood 410ml

LKK Seasoned Soy for Seafood 410ml

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Seasoned Soy for Seafood is something of a Chinese restaurant ‘secret’ ingredient. Slightly less salty than traditional soy sauce, the thin brown sauce has a touch of sweetness. The sauce has been created specifically to pour over steamed fish and seafood, with its salty-sweetness enhancing but not overpowering its delicate flavour. Use it at the end of cooking in dishes such as steamed whole sea bass with ginger and spring onion – a classic of Chinese cuisine -  or over steamed scallops or prawns.

Lee Kum Kee was founded by a cook from Guangdong village who discovered oyster sauce in 1888. Known for the range and quality of its Chinese sauces, the company is now a global brand, widely used in Chinese restaurants around the world.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Salt, Soybeans 10%, Wheat Flour, Yeast Extract (Yeast Extract, Salt), Colour E150c, Flavour Enhancers E631, E627. Allergens are listed in bold.