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Dugladze Qveri Kisi 75cl

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Georgia, lying on the crossroads of Europe and Asia is sometimes referred to as “The Cradle of Wine” due to its 8000 year old winemaking history. Many of the ancient techniques are still in use today. Historically wines were fermented with skins, stems and all in giant clay jars called Qvevri, often buried in soil, where they remained for several months or even years in extreme cases. This lends the white wines a unique textural element; amber-hued with the breadth and depth of a red wine including an appealing tannin component, while the process reduces the need for sulphur additions. These wines have proved the inspiration behind todays burgeoning orange wine movement.

Historically Georgia was one of the most important suppliers of wine to the Soviet Union, however as the relationship with Russia is now somewhat cooler than it was, these fascinating wines are becoming available to a wider audience. The Dugladze family have been making wine and spirits since 1904, and today have one of the most advanced wineries in country, allowing them to apply modern precision to the ancient techniques, making a superb range of beautifully presented wines which reflect Georgia’s noble winemaking tradition.

The Kisi variety came close to extinction in 2000 yet has been revived as producers have recognised its potential to produce wines of great aroma, elegance and refinement. When made in Qvevri the tannins seem more fully integrated and subtle than other varieties. This outstanding orange wine, packaged like a top quality Provence rosé, is from the Maghraani district; the birthplace of the Kisi variety. Fermented on skins and stems in Qvevri for 6 months following harvest with regular punching down to maximise extraction.

Perfumed with aromas of dried mango, honeydew melon and orange rind, this has a full bodied yet silky and elegant palate finishing dry with supple elegant tannins. A top quality example of the genre.