My Little Noodle

Recipe from White Mausu

All of our sauces work with noodles. Shop-bought or homemade, whatever floats your chopsticks.

My Little Noodle | Eatoo UK

There's a noodle for every season. Cold rice noodle salads with a zingy vinegar/chilli oil dressing in summer; a warm hug of ramen in the depths of winter.

Lately, we've been playing with hand-pulled biang biang noodles from China's Shan’xi province. Check YouTube to watch the experts. Typically, these noodles have sizzling oil added before serving but our Black Bean or Peanut Rãyu work just as well.

Alternatively for an easy mid-week meal, cook some dried noodle add sesame paste aka tahini. Lots of sesame seeds, some greens and a very generous amount of rãyu. Tasty time!

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