Recipe from White Mausu

Sweet potatoes roasted until ever-so-slightly charred, then drizzled with crème fraiche (look for one with a very high fat content, yummmm) with counter dollops of Cashew Crunch. Finish with a flourish of fresh chilli, coriander, chives and spring onion. Plus a crispy egg if you wish.

We adore a crispy- bottomed fried egg.

(Get that pan smoking hot with oil.)

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But we also love a quick Spanish scramble, à la Fumbally Café, with lots of olive oil, garlic, and maybe even if we're lucky, some melty cheese. Add the eggs, then one fold, two fold, and finish.

Then there's the vehicle. Homemade sourdough never goes amiss, or a crumpet, or some of Gran's brown bread.

Don't stop there. How about some sides? Crispy kale, blackened on one side to bring out that lovely charred flavour. This takes patience. The cook must resist the urge to move the kale in the hot pan. Let it get a little burnt. Kale likes to be burnt, trust us.

Introduce some avocado, cabbage or whatever needs using up. Eggs make easy friends. However you like yours, don't forget to dollop a generous spoonful of your fave White Mausu on top.

Papers at hand. Coffee in the pot. Heaven.

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