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Rude Health Oat Barista Drink 1L

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  • Organic
  • A refreshing alternative to milk

These oats were made for coffee Because we believe in great lattes, we've added a tiny bit of seaweed (yes, really!) to our Barista oat. It tones down the acidity and allows oat and bean to blend together in velvety harmony. Coffee, meet your match. How to use it Steam it like you mean it. Froth it like it's hot. Heat on the hob like it's you' job. You get the deal. Rhymes are hard, but using Barista Oat is not. Heat it anyway you choose. Add to coffee. Enjoy.

We started mixing the Ultimate Muesli at our breakfast table in 2005. Today, it's a bigger table, but our approach to food and drink is the same. Brilliant ingredients. Nothing artificial. Nothing refined. A life lived in rude health. Tuck in. You're in rude health when... you're still pumped from tamping. You regularly polish your steam wand. You're wired on life- and three espressos.