Mizkan  Honteri Mirin - Sweet Seasoning 275ml

Mizkan Honteri Mirin - Sweet Seasoning 275ml

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Authentic rice wine flavouring with minimal alcohol.

An exquisitely sweet and delicate essential that balances the rich flavours of several Japanese foods, make this mirin style seasoning a staple part of your versatile condiments. Made with less alcohol than regular mirin through a sweetening Honteri technique, the sweetness of this seasoning comes through glucose syrup and sticky cane molasses, so there's a complex mix of gentle and rich sugars to elevate your ingredients and give your sauces or dressings a mouth-watering glaze. Popularly used in teriyaki sauces and various soups or marinades, see what uses you can discover yourself for this glass-bottled, multi-purpose flavouring.