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Mezcal 7 Siete Misterios Doba-Yej 70cl

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This is the 2013 vintage Doba-Yej mezcal from Los Siete Misterios, made using Espadín agave and a double distillation technique. Mezcal can be made with a wide variety of agave, unlike tequila which is restricted to just blue agave. This allows for plenty of variety between mezcal brands, which is rather exciting indeed.

With a 44% abv, it is the perfect balance to co-exist in both worlds, its scents and flavours are utterly sublime.

Tasting Notes: Crystalline and bright, with silvery shades. Aromas of lemon citrus, lime, grapefruit and smoked apple with violet tones and delicate floral notes of sweet toasted caramel cooked agave.