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【Taiwanese】 Java Apple 蜜風鈴蓮霧

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甜度: 11~12.5度

Weight: 500g

Java apple, also known as watery rose apple or simply, rose apple, that goes with the scientific name Syzygium samarangense, is native to South East Asian countries and to certain tropical regions of India. These luscious Java apple fruits have an intrinsically crunchy texture and are quite sweet in taste when ripe.

The Java apple fruit is ideal for weight loss due to its low calorie content and negligible amounts of saturated fats. In addition, it also provides dietary fibers, to aid in digestion and has no cholesterol, for better heart function. They are rich in Vitamin C for boosting immunity and Vitamin A for proper vision. They are also abundant in the B vitamins that can aid in regulating metabolism.