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Chocolate Navel Oranges 4pc

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A few years ago, a grower in a citrus orchard in Valencia discovered brown-coloured oranges on a navel tree. The fruit on all other trees had the usual orange colour. He decided to have the brown oranges analysed and the result was surprising. The brown-coloured oranges turned out to be better in quality and flavour than the other oranges.

Navel Chocolate oranges, botanically classified as Citrus sinensis, are a rare variety that belongs to the Rutaceae family. Discovered growing as a mutation on a navel orange tree in Valencia, Spain, Navel Chocolate oranges were selected for their very sweet flavour, averaging around twelve Brix, and are considered to be one of the sweetest varieties found in European markets. Navel Chocolate oranges are labelled as a novel, specialty variety and are primarily consumed fresh to experience the sweet flavour and juicy nature fully.


Navel Chocolate oranges are available for a short season in the mid-winter through late winter in Europe. So get it while you can until the stock last!!