Dried Abalone 南非吉品鮑魚
Dried Abalone 南非吉品鮑魚

Dried Abalone 南非吉品鮑魚

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190g of Dried South African Abalone · 南非吉品鮑魚
Size: 27頭/  一港斤 (~604g)

Abalone is a sea mollusc found in the cold water off the coasts of South America, West Coast of North America, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. 
For the Chinese and Asian culture, it is considered one of the big four delicacies of the sea including abalone, sea cucumber, shark fins and fish maw.
Abalone is an excellent source of many vital nutrients. It is high in protein yet low calories. It also contains a blend of minerals and vitamins including iodine, calcium, phosphorus and vitamin A. The fat content remains low with no cholesterol. It can relieve dry coughs and nourishes liver and promote eye health.
This product is sold dried and needs to be boiled before it is added to stir-fries, soup or braised dishes.
How to prepare dried abalone:
  1. Clean dried abalone with clean filtered water (do not use hot water) and gently brush it. Your hands and the container must be free from grease.
  2. Place dried abalone in boiled water and let it soak inside overnight. Refrigerate once the water has cooled down.
  3. Change the water and clean the abalone gently and repeat the step above until the abalone is soft, which might take 4-5 days.
  4. Once abalone becomes soft, you should be able to press down the centre part with your finger easily. Store it in the refrigerator and cook it as soon as possible. Keep the soaking water, as it can be used as stock. You may repeat step 2 if the abalone has not softened enough.
  • 要注意是手和所有器皿不能有油份,切勿用熱水。
  • 1、乾鮑魚取出,用水刷洗一下;煲水至蝦眼,熄火,放入乾鮑魚待自然冷卻,放進冰箱冷藏泡發。
  • 2、第二天倒走煲鮑魚水;取出鮑魚,繼續刷洗鮑魚邊及取走鮑魚頂黑色的腸臓。煲水至蝦眼,熄火,放入鮑魚至自然冷卻,放進冰箱冷藏繼續泡發4-5天,中途不用換掉鮑魚水。
  • 3、鮑魚中心應能輕易按下;若未能按下,則取出鮑魚再重複再煲鮑魚水至蝦眼水熄火放入鮑魚至水冷卻;可多發1-3天,讓鮑魚發盡,體積更大。便可用來炆煮。鮑魚水則留起煑上湯。