Ayanishiki Rice 5kg (100% grown in Japan)
Regular price £27.90
Itsuki Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen 182g, 182g
Regular price £3.90
Itsuki Hokkaido Shio Ramen 172g
Regular price £3.90
Itsuki Sappro Miso Ramen 188g
Regular price £3.90
Itsuki Tokyo Shoyu Ramen 176g
Regular price £3.90
Liuquan Rice Noodle 335g
Sale price £4.88
Broad Noodle Chilli Oil Flavor 115g
Regular price £2.30
Korean Thin Glass Noodles 500g
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Konjac Noodles 313g
Regular price £2.45
Toyama Koshihikari Gohan - Microwavable Rice 200g
Regular price £1.80
Rice Cake 500g
Regular price £3.50
Plain Instant Noodle
Regular price £0.99

Soybean Soybean Crustaceans Crustaceans Fish Fish Milk Milk Cereals containing gluten Cereals Sulphur Dioxide SO2 Vegetarian Vegetarian Dipping Sauce Sauce

If you have any queries about food allergies in your meal, feel free to contact us before placing the order. Thank you.